Haircut Ideas

An interesting facts about haircuts used in ancient times is that they were used to signify the class the person belonged to or the elite of the society used to specific wigs for different occasions. Some Haircut Ideas like the fringes have been popular from the Roman period up till now and Audrey Hepburn the famous Hollywood start also had her style of fringes which were used by her followers. Most people who are plump fail to understand a simple fact that they should take care to select their hairstyles and an accurate hairstyle may make them look thin and beautiful.

What are the different ways by which you can make your face look thinner with a hairstyle?

Haircut IdeasHave you used highlights in your hair?

When you add a splash of color there is vibrancy involved and a little color in your hair as a highlight would remove the attention from your chubby cheek to your gorgeous hair. Here you do not need to add neon or bright colored highlights like purple or pink. What you need to do is use natural tones of brown and burgundy to give it a great look. When you use vertical highlights in your head, your face gives the impression of a thinner face.  If you are facing dull hair problems then you highlights would add volume to the hair.

Using great hair products

When you are using a great hair product you are sure to enjoy great volume in the hair. This would make the hair voluminous and your face slimmer. When you have layers in your face the layers would be in place and this would make your face slim and you would look great too.

Layering your hair

One of the great haircut ideas for a plump round face is layering the hair in the front starting from the chain area. If you had sported hair lengths of the same length you would realize that your face would look fuller and heavy. On the other hand if you add layer to your round face, the cheek bone area in the face would be highlighted and nobody would pay attention to the plumpness in your face. Even if your hair is thin, layering would boost the hair volume and this would give you the diva look.

How do you use the natural shapes of your face?

Most hair experts would advise you to use the natural shape of the face. If you have a round or a heart shape face, do not invest in haircuts which have partition in the middle. Here you would need to make a side parting and make the face less rounded. If you have long layers you can sweep them in the side and your face would get softened and your cheekbones highlighted.

Never invest in short haircuts

One of the Haircut Ideas that you need to abstain from is very short hair cut ideas. If you have a large round face, short haircuts would make it look plumper. You should never have a hair cut that finishes off the skin. This would hug the top area of your head and you would look fatter and rounder.

You can try the asymmetrical bob

If you are plump and still want to enjoy a modern chic cut then you would need to use the asymmetrical bob. This bob is very short in the back and the length of the hair increase in the front. The bob would end a few inches below the chin. You can do side partitions and wear the style for both casual and corporate occasions.

Never have poker straight hair

Straightening your hair is in vogue. If you have a plump face you should never straighten it. The straight hair would fall from the head in a straight manner and this would make your face heavy and plump. If you have long hair, just layer it well to achieve the thin face look.

Long shag

This is one of the best haircuts that plump women can enjoy. The shoulder shag makes the face slim and makes the eyes look down. Also the layers in the face soften the appearance and make it look very feminine and chic.